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Kaliyug: The Secret Plot by B.S.Sarwagna Kumar

Book Review Kaliyug: The secret plot, by B.S. Sarwagna Kumar, is a blend of sheer brilliance and extensive knowledge in the field of Indian Mythology. Even if Mythology is not your cup of tea, do give it a read for… Continue Reading →

SCIENCE-A Cold Hearted Redeemer

“Science never solves a problem without creating ten more.”-George Bernard Shaw.                                      Every second in our life is incomplete without the contribution of science. Life would come to a standstill without science and its attributes. We are forever in debt… Continue Reading →

Goeventz: Pujo Parikrama

Durga pujo is not only the biggest carnival of Calcuttans but also one of most spectacular festivals celebrated by the earthlings. Durga Pujo’s grandeur is not only confined to the adroit craftsmanship showcased in the pandals, drool worthy street food,… Continue Reading →

If I Was Your Girl

I was randomly surfing Goodreads’ YA section when I came across the debut novel of Meredith Russo- If I Was Your Girl. I can’t verbalize what exactly I felt after reading this book as I was hit by an array… Continue Reading →


For all of you who once drooled over Arnold’s packs in the movie Commando, here is an interesting piece of article. Obviously we are going to talk about all the macho and the spectacular battles with the insurgents. But all… Continue Reading →


I came across Whisper’s ‘Like a girl’ campaign last week on YouTube. It is really one of the best initiatives taken in the recent times. It is really depressing to coin the phrase ‘like a girl’ to demotivate or insult… Continue Reading →

The Sunscreen Pooping Seagull !!!

The next time you got to the beach don’t be surprised when something white and slimy hits you straight on your face. Before you fear that it might be the onset of the next Armagedddon you should probably be aware… Continue Reading →

One is Rich or Poor according to what he is, not according to what he has !!!

Every year Puja brings lot of changes along with happiness. It brings joy & hope but at the cost of deep strain on our Finances. Puja is also a time to let go of our past and start on a… Continue Reading →


When I saw Ross attempting to spell Mboscodictiasaur , I was temporarily transported to the Jurassic Park and wondered how it would be to co-exist with dinosaurs. Then it occurred to me that if I had been in the place… Continue Reading →


“Space, the final frontier” is a quote that Trekkies swear by. Now it may be true, but the entire journey to space is only made possible when some of the brightest minds on the planet come together and design the… Continue Reading →

Goeventz : MOVEfit summit 2.0

In today’s world, when health should hold a position of utmost importance in our lives, we often tend to neglect it. To make people more aware about what we’re missing out on by ignoring fitness strategies, Goeventz has arranged MOVEfit… Continue Reading →

তুছ কিছু বিয়গান্ত

সে তো কোনো অপরাধ করেনি, করেছিল একটা ছোট্ট ভুল, সে দেখেছিলো একটা স্বপ্ন, আগামী দিনের উজ্জ্বল একটা ছবি। আঁকতে চেয়েছিল সেই ছবিটাই নিজের রঙে। সে জানতো একদিন এই ছবি বাস্তবে হবে পরিনত।  এমন একদিন আসবে এই ছিল তার বিশ্বাস।  … Continue Reading →

Hyacinth Girl

Loneliness is acquiring , A new dimension now. With the added companion being, ‘The Silence of The Sobs’. Unreasonably, They borrow from Eternity Your Moments and, Let loose in me The Feverish Pain! Their Puck_ishness, It is Beyond Me Now…. Continue Reading →

Precious and Pretty

Let me start this article with some words of wisdom by Carrie Bradshaw: “You should keep your money right where you can see them.” As for me, I like to see my money where I can see it- in an… Continue Reading →

Evolution of Ravichandran Ashwin : The unsung hero of the Indian Cricket Team

Somebody must have invented an invisibility cloak for Ravichandran Ashwin. Since his debut, Ashwin has performed many miracles on the cricket pitch. His mantelpiece is full of trophies, records and stumps carried home from matches won. And the statistician’s book… Continue Reading →

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