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Pearson Test of English Academic : Language Test for Studying Abroad

The movie English Vinglish had greatly inspired my aunt to dream big, not for herself but for her son whom she wanted to send abroad for his higher education. Sure, she did not have much information and sure, she had… Continue Reading →

Dilemma of each and every good student that has ever been

To, The so called average students of the class, “Hey topper, you must have completed the whole syllabus, right?” “Hey please help me in the exam today. I’m surely going to fail but I’m sure you must have revised it… Continue Reading →

Price-A Vice

The little girl was so excited. She was going to have in her possession a new toy today – a small cotton stuffed puppy. Her mother was totally decked up and ready to go to the supermarket. Throughout the journey,… Continue Reading →

Papa’s Prince

Aniket sat in his room listening to the music he loved as he scrolled past the various posts on the shocking news of Chester Bennington’s suicide. There was this sudden urge to listen to all those songs that used to… Continue Reading →

Crepuscular Rays : When India is caught up in the great (In)Tolerance Debate

With ‘blackened’ faces and whitened hearts,With patriotism supreme,Some have come to this Earth.Some write books for winning awards;Some write books for returning awards.They’ve come to tell them the gravity of awards.Long passed are those days old,When Tagore despised his knighthood… Continue Reading →

  Image Courtesy: Artscape… “We are amateur artists… With a passion for colors!”

The Invocators

It’s all very quiet. Only a faint tick tock of the rotating needles….the faint speech of the time.  It’s all very dark. Only a dim shimmer of a candle flame…..the dim vision of aspiration. In such a quiet dark setting the… Continue Reading →

An evening spent on a sidewalk

The sidewalk was as busy as the adjacent road was with automobiles. After a rainy afternoon the city was back to life with all its people and flashy lights in the evening. The sound of the roaring buses , cabs… Continue Reading →

The Boy Who Harnessed The Wind

When I was 14, I was obsessed with Edward Cullen .When I was 14, I chatted with my friends on Orkut (remember it?). When I was 14, I wanted my own mobile phone. But did I ever change the world… Continue Reading →

SpaceX’s Falcon 9 Rocket Explosion:IT’S NOT AS BAD AS IT LOOKS, IS IT??

“Space, the final frontier” is a quote that Trekkies swear by. Now it may be so, but the entire journey to space is only made possible when some of the brightest minds on the planet come together and design the… Continue Reading →

Android vs iOS

Presently, we face the dilemma of making the sacred choice between the two massively popular mobile operating systems- Android and iOS, quite too often. It’s almost as if our life depends on it. Android, on one hand, is trendy, flexible… Continue Reading →

Parivartan – How to make profit from your loss making portfolio

Renew, Release, Let go – Yesterday is gone !!! Jeetu & Bheetu met after a long time when they came home during the Puja holidays. They decided to share the joys and sorrows in their life. Jeetu – So, how… Continue Reading →

The Aura of a Nation

I was rooted−rooted to the chair of my fate. It was a dim evening on December 21st. Electricity was cut off. I was apprehensive. I stood up to leave my room and picked up the keys of the safe. Holding… Continue Reading →


Two people.  A boy.  A girl. Boy meets girl. They fall in love. They get married. Happy ending. End of story. Really? That’s just it? Is being in love that easy? Rarely in the 21st century. Real people face real… Continue Reading →

Case of the English Massacre

X: Hi..hw r u? Y: Grt..wru? X: NY..btw..cool dp! Y: Lol! Tq! For all the modern technocrats, these sentences will seem absolutely sensible and as normal as your morning coffee. But for those of you who are assuming that these… Continue Reading →

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